Environmental Services

Waste Management

Industrial & Hazardous Waste

Hamton works within industry where certain wastes fall under the classification of Hazardous. This does not necessarily mean that they are toxic or dangerous but that they require control and suitable disposal.

Hamton are experts in the management of waste materials falling within the hazardous category including materials such as certain hydrocarbons, eco-toxic compounds and WEEE. Hamton helps its clients to manage control and reduce the occurrences of hazardous waste materials and wherever possible to remediate or eliminate them. We manage every waste stream with its own management plan to ensure that our client is kept informed and up to date with our processes.

Hamton’s expertise has earned it a prestigious Government sponsored Entec award for the remediation of oily grinding sludge’s in automotive manufacturing. We have also received several client awards for reducing and eliminating wastes streams.

We use properly licensed disposal and destruction facilities and seek to ensure that the highest environmental standards are maintained.

We own no disposal sites of our own and therefore we are able to take wastes to sites with the best environmental practice and best price.