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Laundry & Dust Mats

Many of our clients ask us to take over the provision and management of their laundry requirements. This can include, work wear, gloves, towels, and other washable items.

We are able to take over pre existing contracts and to manage the service on behalf of the client or to cost and provide a complete package based on current needs.

Customers requiring work wear can choose from designated stock with individually fitted uniforms with personal lockers or pool stock where a pool of uniforms are provided against the client specification.

Laundry contracts can be paid as a fully inclusive fee spread evenly over a contract period including provision, laundry and repair or a garment/item rental plus charge per launder/repair unit fee.

Hamton will either purchase mats and provide a lift and lay service according to the client needs or provide a contracted service depending on their preference.

We can offer multi site and large contracts with a range of high quality custom logo dust mats for entrance and foyer through to conventional dust mats and oil mats.

In industrial environments we often replace dust mats with oil mats made with cotton fibre which are much more effective in trapping oil and grease.