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Contract Purchasing

Many of our Clients choose to use Hamton to manage and administrate elements of their purchasing function. Frequently this involves taking over responsibility for elements of ad hoc purchasing, the administration of AMEX, or in many cases responsibility for market testing a range of service elements and item purchases within pre agreed limits.

We are able to undertake continuous market testing for routine items and design, set up and execute complex purchasing functions.

Typical uses of this facility include the hiring and provision of vehicles and fleet, purchasing of building service and maintenance consumables, hiring or capital plant, pre-selection, and competitive tendering of individual specialist services and the novation and management of pre designated contracts established by the client.

Conversely we are able to offer asset disposal on behalf of our clients by means of our online auction capabilities. This capability allows us to bring our client’s disposable assets and equipment and provide a ready revenue source. We routinely dispose of assets and regular disposals for our clients including vehicles, waste or scrap.