Environmental Services

Cleaning & Janitorial Services

Industrial & Automotive Cleaning

Hamton’s industrial and automotive cleaning capability is one of the most diverse and comprehensive of any contractor working today.

Our expertise in working in heavy industrial sites from Car Plants, Newsprint Production, Foundries, Power Stations, Food Production, Breweries, Paint Factories, Pharmaceutical Producers and Lead Acid Battery plants is just a selection of the range of experience which Hamton has gained.

We are proud of our excellent safety record over more that 35 years especially as we work in some of the most hazardous environments possible.

Our specialist process cleaning operations are well planned, managed and executed very often in very tight windows of opportunity. We often only have hours to complete some very tough assignments.

We can offer 24 hour 365 cleaning services to industry and are comfortable taking over contracts with upwards of 500 staff.