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Automotive Services

Paint Shop

The automotive paint shop environment is one of the most challenging to be found in the manufacturing process. We provide full solutions to automotive clients including Paint Equipment Specialists and Chemists. Our Cleaining and maintenance staff are familiar and experienced in working in the full scope of equipment and processes:

  • Phosphate Plants
  • E coat Systems
  • Esta systems
  • Manual colour and lacquer booths
  • Paint ovens

We understand the need for absolute cleanliness and use pre and post particle counts for activities undertaken in paint booths and ovens. Staff are equipped with lint free PPE and non shedding materials. Use of solvents in cleaning processes is strictly controlled and the application of Green technologies is applied wherever possible.

We are experienced in:

  • full tank cleanouts
  • plenum cleaning
  • Oven cleaning and filter changing
  • Air handling units
  • Sand deck controls
  • Finished body care